marți, 16 februarie 2010

Alte chestii

Si pana imi mai vine mie in minte chestii interesante pentru care sa ma certati sau apreciati sau comentati...mai postez cate o chestie interesanta de pe youtub care dupa doua zile e peste tot la stiri
Si un prieten imi sare in ajutor si vine cu o descriere a vietii..
Life is like a bully,
Never satisfied until you're crying
Never taking the time to help you up
Simply kicking you when you're down
Throwing everything it can at you
Beating you up
Pelting you with insults
It knows your every weakness
It's the bully that follows you from day one
Life is like a hurricane,
You can never tell if you should run
Never tell if you'll survive
You never know if you'll have anything
Or if everything will leave you
Never know when you're left standing in the cold
Life is like a rainy day,
Beautiful sometimes,
Horrible others
Washing over the land,
Digging up all the dirt you don't want it to
Lashing down on you as you walk
Weighing you down as you trudge along
Refreshing you when you're dying
Yet driving you crazy when you want the sun
An endless rain cloud
Life is an adventure
You never know where it'll take you,
What it will take from you,
Where it will lead you,
Where is will leave you

Life is one big mystery
..e adi praporgescu la care vreau sa ii fac putina reclama fiindca are niste mix'uri frumoase aici
ps daca aveti propuneri sau vreti sa gasiti anumite ezitati..lasati un comm sau cantactati-ma:))0760...

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